AIBALL - The live assistant for football fans based on AI services

Aiball is the live assistant for football fans based on AI services. It provides fans with massive data, interesting news and match information through voice interaction. You can unlock a new way of watching football with every detail of every game not being missed.




The app will provide pre-match personalized schedule, news customization notification and voice broadcast. Users will have an access to everything they want to know about football as long as they tell Mae what they need.

In-game dynamic data is available in the app, which is different from traditional products. Users are able to get all the data of the game and other games in the same period without leaving the page by interaction with Mae.

After the game, Mae will help you make a summary of all the highlights. You just need to tell Mae what you want to see and she can present it. With the help of statistics concerning data, formation, event and so on, a multi-dimensional post-match analysis is available.


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